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Parish Criteria for “Registered and Active” parishioner status:

A “Registered and Active” family/individual is one who: 1. Has been formally registered & participating in the life of the Parish for at least 3 consecutive months. 2. Participates in Worship through weekly attendance at Weekend Masses 3. Places envelopes weekly in the offertory, even if empty.

Use of Envelopes for our Registered Families/Individuals:

Kindly place your Weekly Envelopes in the Collection Basket each weekend.  If you give online, please turn in your empty envelopes weekly at Mass and check "I give online”. If you contribute periodically through the collection, please remember to put in envelopes weekly, even if empty. Contributions in cash can only be considered when presented in the parish envelope. Multiple envelopes put in at a weekend Mass will be considered participation for that one Mass. Envelopes Dropped off or Mailed will not be considered participation at Mass. Blank Green envelopes are available in the church if needed.

Reduced Tuition Rates:

The above criteria may entitle one to a REDUCED TUITION RATE AT BLESSED SACRAMENT CATHOLIC SCHOOL AND/OR BISHOP ENGLAND HIGH SCHOOL. (Active parishioner status must be maintained for a family to continue to receive a reduced parishioner rate)


Families must be active Members of the Parish for a child to be eligible to receive any Sacrament. (Active parishioner status must be maintained throughout the years of Sacrament Preparation). Read more

SPAMMING ALERT with emails/Text:

SPAMMING ALERT - with emails/Text. Our Pastor Fr. Arnulfo, Fr. Derrick, Bishop Fabre, nor anyone on staff, would ever ask for such a type of donation as (iTune cards, gift card, etc), nor would they ever contact you in this manner. Father Arnulfo or the Bishop would send a letter or make a personal call for any help for the parish or the diocese.

The Mission of Blessed Sacrament Church is to form and sustain a Catholic community in which all are welcomed and provided with the opportunities and means to know Christ better, to grow in faith and love, and to give witness jointly to the Kingdom of God by their lives.


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8:30am(During the School Year)
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Saturday 3:30pm-4:30pm
Sunday(Spanish) 12:45pm-1:15pm

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