Announcing our New School Principal for 2021-2022
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Books Change Lives




  John & Judy Halberda   Phone: 670-5852    

  Carl & Jean Sims          Phone: 766-8776    


Goals and Purpose: This is a call to read a chapter a week from an inspirational book and meet weekly to discuss the reading in an informal setting. Imagine how your life would be different one year from now. (Five pages a day for a year is 1,825 pages in that year, 18,250 pages in a decade.) 


Responsibilities: Read one chapter of the selected book per day.  Attend a one hour informal discussion to share what you have read. Look in the bulletin for location and times for group meeting. At this time one group meets on Sundays and another group meets on Mondays.

Time Commitment: Read 5 minutes per day.  Meet for discussion 1 hour per week.