Bereavement Ministry


Friends, we do not grieve alone or without hope. We have God’s Word to keep us grounded and give us hope. We also have God’s presence and the support of His people to comfort us. Through His Word, His Spirit, and His people – the Lord bears our burden of grief and walks with us each day.

“Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior,
who daily bears our burdens.”

(Psalm 68:19)

Areas of Support

Support Group: this group provides an emotionally safe environment where the bereaved may express their grief freely without judgement. Providing care, comfort and support to individuals who are hurting from the passing of a loved one. Meetings will initially begin on a monthly basis and all parishioners are welcome to join regardless of when your loved one passed.

Funeral Support: these Volunteers provide support to the family by attending one or all of the following: Visitation, Funeral Mass or Graveside Internment. On the rare occasion the family requests a luncheon, in coordination with the office, these Volunteers, will assist with the arrangements and may attend the luncheon.

On-Going Contact Support: these Volunteers provide support to the family after a loved ones funeral service over the course of the next year through periodic contact using various methods (cards, phone call, etc.). 



In November, a Mass of Remembrance is offered for all our deceased loved ones with special remembrance for those who have died since the previous November.


Join a Grief Support Group

In order to continue to serve those who are grieving, this ministry needs your assistance. Since there are so many opportunities to serve on the committee, many hands are needed.
Please consider joining.

May we Pray for you.
Send a Prayer Request

If you would like to have a Mass said in Memory of a loved one, call Paulette at (843-556-0801). She is happy to help you.

Please contact Paulette at the parish office (843-556-0801) or send her a message, with any questions.