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Who is eligible to be married at Blessed Sacrament?

Single persons (and divorced persons whose annulment is final) may be married at Blessed Sacrament if either one of the couple is:

• a registered, participating parishioner of Blessed Sacrament Church for at least three months.
• a Roman Catholic currently registered with another Catholic parish with written permission from his or her pastor.
• a catechumen or a candidate who will be confirmed Catholic before the wedding date
    If you would like to learn more about becoming a Catholic, Click Here.

When do you start preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage?

A couple desiring to be married at Blessed Sacrament Church should begin marriage preparation at least six months prior to a desired wedding date.

Who are the personnel involved in wedding planning?

First, contact the Parish Office at 843-556-0801 to inquire about a marriage at Blessed Sacrament. After your initial call, you will be directed to the Pastor who will schedule a meeting to begin your marriage preparation at Blessed Sacrament. Other church staff that will be part of your marriage preparation are the Church’s Witness (Priest or Deacon), the Wedding Coordinator, and the Music Director.

What if one of the couple has been married before?

Contact Tim O'Connor at 843-437-8069 for information on how to begin the annulment process. 

What is the marriage preparation process? 

At your first meeting with the Pastor you will discuss marriage as a sacrament and the importance of prayer in married life, as well as a review of paperwork and program attendance requirements. Other steps include: 

• Attendance at a workshop or retreat for engaged couples (or a similar Catholic program elsewhere).
• Consultation with the parish Music Director.
• Planning and rehearsal arrangements with the Wedding Coordinator
Both the bride and the groom are expected to fully and equally participate in the entire preparation process. 

What documents are required for a wedding at Blessed Sacrament? 

If you are a Catholic, you will need a RECENT copy of a baptismal certificate [one issued within six months of your wedding], obtained from the parish where your baptism took place. If you are a non-Catholic, baptized Christian, you may provide us with a copy of a baptismal certificate or a letter on church stationery from your church of Baptism verifying your baptism including the date. Other required documentation will be discussed during the first meeting of marriage preparation. 
You will also need a marriage license, obtained at the Charleston County Court House (Probate court - Marriage license division). To apply for a marriage license you will need a photo ID and proof of a Social Security number. There is a 24 hour waiting period before obtaining the marriage license. Your marriage license is required to be brought to the Parish Office at least 2 weeks prior to the wedding date. 

Is the Wedding celebrated within or outside a Mass?

Traditionally, when two Catholics marry, the wedding takes place during a Nuptial Mass. When either the bride or the groom is not Catholic, the marriage is normally celebrated outside of Mass. Your wedding ceremony will be celebrated with the greatest dignity, beauty, and holiness, whether within or outside the context of Mass. 

How is the date set for a wedding at Blessed Sacrament?

The Pastor is responsible for setting the date and time of the wedding. Weddings at Blessed Sacrament are celebrated Saturdays at or before 2pm, except near the following: Holy Week, Thanksgiving, & Christmas. The rehearsal takes place the afternoon or early evening, a day or two before the Wedding, usually around 4pm.

Who provides music for the wedding ceremony?

The parish’s Music Director will assist you in planning this important component of your wedding.  Message Music Director to begin the discussion on the many options for music to be sung and played. 

Wedding ProgramThe Bride and Groom are responsible for creating and printing their own Wedding program.

The behavior of the wedding party and guests should reflect the beauty and dignity of the Body of Christ. That being said, the recreational use of alcohol or drugs will not be tolerated while on church property. Those who abuse them will be escorted from the premises, and the authorities will be contacted.


The Congregation 

The entire Church, both in heaven and on earth, gathers with those present to worship God and celebrate the gift of your marriage. The Church desires that all the faithful should be led to full, active, and conscious participation in the liturgy. There are no spectators in Catholic liturgy.

The Couple

In the Roman Catholic Church the bride and the groom are the ministers of the sacrament of marriage since they give themselves to each other in marriage. Since the principal focus is on you, the couple, your participation in the liturgy will influence how others participate. If the assembly sees you actively engaged in the liturgy, they will feel invited to join as well.

The Church’s Witness (Priest or Deacon)

The pastor of Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church is responsible for all sacramental celebrations that take place in the parish. He may delegate this authority to other priests or deacons who hold the required faculties. The Church’s Witness will lead the assembly
through the Rite of Marriage.

The Lay Witnesses

Though the entire assembly witnesses your marriage, three people have a special role in witnessing for civil and Church records. The Priest or Deacon is the Church’s official witness. In addition, the Best Man and the Maid/Matron of Honor fulfill a requirement that two other individuals formally attest that the wedding took place. They do not have to be Catholic or even baptized to fulfill this role in the wedding ceremony. 

Readers (Lectors)

The readers help proclaim the Word of God during your wedding. People you choose read the first and second readings. The Readers need to be present at the wedding rehearsal.


The Music Director is the organist for all weddings at Blessed Sacrament, and subcontracts all professional vocal and instrumental soloists. The Music Director must approve any and all visiting soloists and instrumentalists.

Gift Bearers

At a Nuptial Mass two or three persons are needed to present the bread and wine for the Sacrifice of the Mass. 

Ring Bearers and Flower Girls

While not required, young children are often invited to serve as ring bearers and flower girls. Please give careful consideration to the maturity of children chosen for these roles. 



Blessed Sacrament Church will provide all necessary liturgical furnishings needed for the Wedding Liturgy. Only candles and candlesticks provided by Blessed Sacrament are permitted. Bridal portraits, guest registries, and saber arches are not permitted within the Sacred Liturgy.


• Professional photographers are guests of Blessed Sacrament Church and must conduct themselves in accordance with church policy as administered by the Wedding Coordinator.
• The church is open 1 hour before the wedding. Preceremony photography must be completed 30 minutes prior to the ceremony, under the supervision of the Wedding Coordinator.
• Photographers should not interfere with the movement of the processions. Use of flash photography is prohibited during the ceremony, as are any audible camera noises. 
• Photographers may take posed pictures after the ceremony as long as it does not interfere with another scheduled church event. These poses must be appropriate to a sacred space. 
• Photographers and their cameras and/or video recorders must not interfere with the liturgy.


• All flowers are to be live arrangements. The bride and groom are required to purchase two flower arrangements for the altar in the church.  The arrangements must remain in the church following the wedding. The Flower Cottage (843-577-6224) is our usual provider of flowers, however, you may choose a different florist if you wish.  Please make arrangements with the florist of your choice no later than three months prior to the wedding.  Notify Lori Roberson (843-556-0801) at the parish office once you have ordered your flowers. You may also wish to leave your flowers in memory or honor of your loved ones.

• Pew markers of flowers, ribbons, or greens attached with rubber bands or ribbons may be used. Neither tape nor wire is permitted on our  wooden pews.
Flowers, greenery, or netting may be placed on the railing outside the church. 

Rice, birdseed, confetti, petals, or bubbles are not permitted inside or outside the church as the couple leaves.


The church is opened 1 hour before the time of the wedding in order to accommodate flower delivery, photographers, and other preparations.

Handicapped parking is available on both sides of the church. Parking is available next to the church and also in the school area; street parking is available on Moore Dr. & St. Teresa Dr.

A Bride’s Room in the vestibule area is offered for your convenience. Please do not
bring food or drink of any kind into the room. 


If you have any questions not addressed here, call Lori at the Parish Office at 843-556-0801 or contact us.


PARISHIONER WEDDING FEES - Please call the office 843-556-0801

NON-PARISHIONER WEDDING FEES - Please call the office 843-556-0801

A wedding coordinator is required for all weddings.  The coordinator is provided by Blessed Sacrament Parish.  Services provided by the wedding coordinator include being present at the rehearsal and the day of the wedding. Please contact Lori Roberson at 843-556-0801 for contact information for the wedding coordinator.