Announcing our New School Principal for 2021-2022
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Blessed Sacrament Justice Ministry


Contact: Mike Kirst     843-388-07022    

We come together with different faith communities who join together to pursue justice and address the underlying problems that make mercy ministries (feeding the poor, working with homeless, etc) necessary. Each congregation is committed to finding in the things we share, the strength that unity can bring. Blessed Sacrament was the first Catholic congregation to join in the planning and development of CAJM.

Responsibilities: Varies according to whether you are a Team member or a Network member. All members are asked to attend 4 community meetings.

Time Commitment: 20 hrs. spread out over a year.

Scheduled Meetings: The 4th Monday at 6:30pm at 9 St. Teresa Dr.


What does it mean to be a Team Member?

A Team Member agrees to Host a house meeting, recruit and organize 10 people to be in their network, attend team assemblies, team meetings, attend Community Problems Assemblies, the Rally, the Action and the Celebration and bring 3 people to the Nehemiah Action. Team members can also participate in research committees.

What does it mean to be a Network Member?

Network members agree to attend the Community Problems Assembly, the Rally and the Action and Celebration. They are asked to bring 3 people to the Action. Members can participate in the research committees.